Colorado Calling

A few weeks ago, the English teachers were contacted by Lisa and Reid from Colorado. Lisa is a teacher and her son Reid is a 16-year-old student interested in education and how to improve it. Reid wanted to visit Finland, known for its excellent education, so that’s exactly what they did during their fall break.

Their main questions had to do with what makes Finnish schools good. We talked, among others, about personalized learning, school breaks, free lunches, and language programs. Lisa and Reid attended an English class with Timo in the morning, then had a chat with Krista, and ended their morning at Alppila with a school lunch. They were joined by some of the International Ambassadors, who, once again, didn’t disappoint. Besides discussing the Finnish education system, they provided the guests with many useful tips on what to do in Helsinki.

So, what are your plans for next week’s fall break? 😉

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