We rise by helping others (Erasmus+ Ka2 in Lund)

Nine other students and I were given the opportunity to go on a schooltrip to Sweden. We first flew to Denmark and then took a train towards Lund, Sweden. The schooltrip was part of an Erasmus+ KA2 project called “Inspired by Health”. Our motto was ‘’We rise by lifting others’’. We had our own families who hosted us and helped us if needed. We were staying at their homes from Sunday to Saturday. There were also people from different countries in some houses. Four countries were involved in the Erasmus project: Austria, Sweden, Finland and Spain.

Our lectures were held in Gymnasieskolan Vipan (High School Vipan). We had many lectures about volunteer and nonprofit work. They told us how it works and how it differs from “normal” work. We got to see things from a new perspective. We also had many fun trips. My personal favorite was Skrylle. There we prepared vegetarian wraps together and got to see Sweden’s nature. Overall, we practiced different skills, for instance cooking food, playing different games and learned from everyone’s culture. We made a lot of new friends.

The Swedes had made us several daily activities which usually lasted from 8.30 to 17. After that we went eating together or shopping. We had kind of different themes for each day. Monday was all about getting to know each other and Vipan. On Tuesday we were first listening to nonprofit volunteers and the rest of the day we spent outside. On Wednesday we had a little trip to Skrylle Skåne National Park. On Thursday we visited a couple of places: Save the Children and Hemgården. Friday was our last day and we had a SkåneTour. We were sitting in the bus all day, because the weather outside was so bad. We listened to each country’s music on the bus. In the evening we had a dinner at Vipan’s Restaurant. The food was really good. Saturday was a bit hard day for us because we had to say goodbyes and leave to the airport.

The most useful thing was that we got to speak many different languages with each other. For instance all of us speak Swedish and English and we got to use them everyday. Then I got to speak also German. We got familiar with new Swedish accent called ‘’skånska’’, which stands for the dialect spoken in Skånes region. I think everyone got more interested in Swedish and English as well. Sometimes we also spoke together only English or Swedish. The whole trip was such an experience. We learned so much and had a really great time. We are looking forward to seeing each other again someday.



Text and photos: Erasmus+ KA2 team


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