My internship in Alppila

The day when they confirmed I was going to do an internship as a Spanish teacher in Alppilan lukio became one of the happiest days of my life. I was conscious that this opportunity would make me become a better teacher in the future and that it would be a great experience. However, now it has ended, I realize that it has been better than expected. I certainly would recommend it to anyone who had the chance to make it too.

My task consisted on working with Annukka as a Spanish teacher in the centre and aid the students in anything they needed. One of the best things about it was the fact that these students proved to have a high motivation in learning Spanish, therefore it eased the task. Moreover, the atmosphere in class could not have been better, they were all very respectful and hard-working.  

On the other hand, with the help of the teachers, students and Annukka, I have learned a wide variety of Finnish vocabulary and it has increased my motivation to keep on learning this language.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight that I am very grateful to everyone and it has really been a big pleasure to be part of the school team. Everyone has treated me very nicely and it has definitely been the best experience of my life. Thank you very much for everything, count on me on anything you need.

Ignasi Alcobé


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